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Elevating Education Engagement: Revitalizing Recruitment Strategies For Academic

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Florida International University Online (FIU Online) represents the digital entity of Florida International University, a renowned public research institution that is lauded as the New York Times' #4 ranking amongst public universities.

FIU Online's distinctive portfolio extends across a diverse spectrum of fully remote and hybrid academic programs and courses, providing a wide array of educational possibilities by affording students unparalleled accessibility to premium-quality learning experiences at an affordable price point that fits their lifestyle.

This flexibility empowers students to earnestly pursue their degrees from any corner of the globe. Leveraging cutting-edge virtual resources, learners engage in dynamic, collaborative educational environments, crafted by a dedicated faculty that embodies tangible real-world proficiency.

The FIU Online community unites passionate scholars, industry leaders, and seasoned experts, forming a magnet for the world's most ambitious and high-achieving students.



Google Ads

Meta and Instagram Ads – Management + Creative 

Digital Analytics

Organic Social Media

Call Tracking

Landing Page Development

Web Design and Development 

Recruitment Set Up and Training 

Brand Campaign Creative 

Production – TV and Social 

Creative Consulting 


Increase FIU Online’s lead generation and enrollment 

Improve lead quality and conversion rates and times  from lead inquiry to enrollment 

Create a central FIU Online Brand Campaign each new fiscal year that embodies the online student pooultaion as well as the current learning landscape base don the year or current global  and industry environment


In the dynamic higher education arena, FIU Online encountered challenges in achieving their lead generation and enrollment goals. A change in leadership prompted their marketing team to revamp strategies for stronger recruitment results. Their main objectives included speeding up lead generation, improving message alignment, strengthening brand communication, optimizing paid and organic efforts, and enhancing tracking and analytics


A comprehensive plan unfolded, orchestrated with precision to address FIU Online’s unique challenges. This entailed a multifaceted approach that involved a series of strategic moves:


During our initial evaluations, it became evident that leads for FIU Online students were converting at a rate of less than 2%. Swift interventions were identified to elevate the digital marketing program, which included active management of Google Ads, the introduction of tracking and analytics systems, and a strategic alignment of creative and communication choices with the respective media channels and target audiences.

The task was approached systematically, with close collaboration between our agency and the in-house team. This approach ensured collective buy-in and a lasting, positive business impact.


Over the course of our multi-year partnership,  ZAG Creates strategies spanning creative, paid digital advertising, SEO, web design, and lead nurturing yielded remarkable results.

Interest in FIU Online enrollment saw and continue to see  a significant upswing, with the following achievements: