Zoe Torres

President / Chief Visionary Officer

Zoe is one of Z Advertising Group’s founders and spearheaded the creative direction of the firm since 2011. As chief visionary officer (CVO), she has a comprehensive knowledge of all matters related to the agency’s business, as well as the vision of the company’s strategy and vision moving forward. With over 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations in the Hispanic/bilingual professional marketplace, she specializes in developing direct response campaigns to help businesses thrive. 

Zoe works to create co-branding opportunities with major organizations, strategic sponsorship placements and highlights social responsibility initiatives of companies to boost brand recognition and leadership within the community. As a certified life coach, Zoe now focuses her time empowering audiences locally and nationally in a variety of different platforms (television, radio, digital, and social media) and corporate coaching seminars to help businesses thrive. 

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Seasoned Media Buyer
  • Public Relations Specialist/Brand Ambassador
  • Award-winning copywriter and producer
  • Creative conceptualization and execution
  • Consulting and corporate coaching

Fact about me that surprises people:
I hold the olympic (read elementary school) record for the high jump.

Song that’s stuck in my head:
Kentucky Rain by Elvis Presley

My secret skill:
I sing opera.

Currently binge watching:
Ancient Aliens

Favorite childhood TV show:

“Can you get me something yummy for lunch?”