Lance Ladaga

President, Creative Director

Lance, a Co-Founder of Z Advertising Group, provides creative oversight for all of the agency’s projects and ensures a collaborative execution of interactive processes. He invariably leads the ZAG team in the direction of creativity, innovation, and achievement of the unexpected. He works day in and day out to ensure the client’s objectives are being executed creatively, as well as delivering on KPIs from our media partners. 

Lance is also responsible for business development and has a passion for sales. He is constantly researching and developing new & innovative advertising campaigns that keep our clients’ message unique and impactful. He holds a BBA in International Business with a specialization in Marketing.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Creative Direction – Create brand consistency and creative campaigns for clients
  • Campaign Conceptualization on all platforms (TV, Radio, Digital, On-site Activations)
  • Media Placement & Negotiation 
  • Account Management – working directly with the client to determine goals and objectives
  • Production & Scripting for Radio/TV/Endorsements

Fact about me that surprises people:
I used to have long, surfer hair. Mahalo brah.

Song that’s stuck in my head:
Great Dane by Cosmo Pyke

My secret skill:
I can dunk a basketball. (unconfirmed)

Currently binge watching:
Better Call Saul

Favorite childhood TV show:
Jonny Quest

“You know what I mean?”