How Brands Are Taking Advantage Of Captive Audiences


Quarantine doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for your business. It actually spells opportunity. Never before have you had an ability to reach such a large captive audience. Your customer is sitting at home, bored senseless, glued to their screens. Whether it’s their phone, tablet, laptop, or TV, customers are paying more attention than ever before, as they have no other escape from their reality other than through their devices. How can your brand become a relevant source of entertainment, education, or general engagement during this time? What type of content should you be producing and delivering to audiences?

  • Don’t be tone deaf.
    • Delicately making light of the situation is one thing, but being complete lack of sensitivity can hurt your brand both in the short and long run and lose customer share. Make sure your messaging is appropriate for the current situation we’re all in.
  • Address the situation with a solution.
    • Explain to the consumer how this pandemic is affecting your business and how you are adapting. Failure to adapt represents a failure to survive. Demonstrate that you are ahead of the curve.
  • Post great content.
    • Were you waiting for the right time to drop a new video. Maybe you had something cool planned for the month or quarter ahead. Let it fly. Now is the moment to show consumers what you’ve been working on. You’ll never have more eyes on your creative work.
  • Tell them you miss them.
    • Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable. Tell your customers how much you miss them. Tell them you can’t wait for the future. Let them know that you care. This is a tough time for everyone. It’s okay to open up about hoping for a better future without these constraints. These are the key moments that lead to brand affinity and trust.
  • Engage. Engage. Engage.
    • With everyone glued to their phones, you should be too. Answer DMs, respond to comments, like posts, follow relevant accounts. Here’s a once in a lifetime chance to grow your social presence and strengthen your connection with customers in a digital space. Take advantage of it.